Types of Realtor Continuing Education

Continuing education is a requirement for most licensed real estate professionals. It is designed to enhance existing skills and knowledge and help protect the public interest. There are several different types of continuing education classes available. These courses can be offered online or in classroom settings. The type of course that is best suited for you will depend on the requirements of your state. Typically, it will require you to complete at least a specified amount of courses in a given time period.

Continuing education is a great way for real estate agents to keep up with the latest legal updates, trends in the industry, and to develop new skills. For example, real estate professionals must understand the many financing techniques and loan programs that are available. They also need to know how to protect their clients’ interests and maintain client relationships. In addition to these general topics, the courses may cover specific areas of real estate, such as foreclosures, distressed properties, and fair housing.

A number of online providers offer real estate CE courses. Some of them include the Real Estate Board of New York and Lorman Education Services. Both companies are known for offering affordable courses that Realtor continuing education are easy to understand. Taking an online course is especially beneficial for those who have busy schedules and don’t want to spend the time traveling to a classroom.

Traditionally, real estate CE courses have taken place in classroom settings. However, this is no longer the case. You can now get your license renewed by taking an online course. Many online platforms also allow you to learn at your own pace, removing the need to sit in a classroom setting. Most of these platforms also have a simple user interface that makes it easy to access the content.

If you’re a new agent, you’ll need to complete three hours of classes in order to renew your license. This includes the Commercial Module and the Residential Module. After your license is renewed, you’ll need to take a Code of Ethics course every three years. During this course, you’ll learn about your responsibilities to your clients and the requirements of the Code of Ethics.

In addition to completing the required hours of CE, brokers must also participate in a specific amount of CE each year. These hours must be approved by the Commission. Generally, you will not be allowed to repeat the same course twice. Depending on your license, you can also opt to take a class about cultural competency.

The number of hours that you’ll need to take will vary based on your state. You can check your state’s requirements by visiting the licensing board’s website. Additionally, you’ll be able to get a free course demo for each course that you choose. The CE Shop, for example, offers a large selection of real estate CE classes. Whether you’re a first-time licensee or a seasoned professional, you can find the real estate continuing education that’s right for you.

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