Many people need to sell land in California fast

Many people need to sell land in California fast for a variety of reasons. Some owners have inherited land that they no longer need or want, others may be behind on property taxes and decide to sell the land to cash in on their investment, while still others buy land with a long term strategy in mind but find that the market didn’t develop well and now are desperate to sell. Whatever the reason, selling a piece of vacant land can be a stressful process. However, with some careful planning, focusing on adding value through development strategies, and working with a knowledgeable real estate agent, it is possible to sell your land in California in a reasonable amount of time.

The average time it takes to sell land in California can vary significantly by county and even by the type of land you own. For example, off-grid land and infill lots in the city generally take longer to sell than suburban home sites. This article will explore some of the factors that impact selling times including specific days on market data for multiple counties and states, and we’ll discuss tips for expediting the process.

Sutter County

This county is a rural area with a small local economy and a large number of vacant properties in private ownership. It typically takes 195 days to sell land in this county. To speed up the sale process, lower your listing price by 30-50% to attract more buyers and encourage bidding wars. Also, make sure the property is easily buildable and free of any environmental or utility issues that would deter buyers or stall a sale.

Placer County

This is a hot real estate market with one of the fastest land selling times in the state. The median time to sell land here is 136 days which is much faster than the state average. In order to sell your land quickly, focus on pricing your property below similar listings in the area and list it on several real estate websites such as Zillow, FB Marketplace, and Realtor. You should also consider offering seller financing to entice more buyers.

Mendocino County

This coastal area is very popular with retirees and families. It is also a wine growing region and has a very high cost of living. Because of this, it can be a challenge to sell land in this county. To speed things up, consider lowering your price by 30-50% and listing on multiple websites to get more exposure to potential buyers.

Tehama County

This is another rural county that takes a long time to sell land due to a low local economy and a large supply of vacant property. To speed up the sale process, lower the price by 30-50% to attract more buyers, and reduce the amount of paperwork required for closing. Also, look for any issues that might halt a sale like soil contamination, illegal structures, or water and mineral rights.

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