Brescia has a reputation for offering quality education

If you are interested in nutrition, dietetics and a medical career, you may consider a program at Brescia University College. The program offers a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics. Students can also pursue graduate education to become a registered dietitian. After earning this degree, you will be qualified to work in a wide variety of medical and non-medical settings.

Brescia has a reputation for offering quality education. Faculty and staff are dedicated to providing students with a strong foundation in nutrition and dietetics. In addition to classroom learning, students will participate in volunteer opportunities and community service. This will strengthen their resumes for internship programs.

During the first year of the program, Dietetics students complete a series of placements in clinical and population health settings. Students may also choose to participate in a variety of practice-based research projects. Practicum experiences are ideal for students who are interested in becoming clinically-focused and are eager to gain hands-on experience.

Clinical Dietitians provide individualized care for patients. They are part of an interprofessional health care team that Check This Out works to treat patients suffering from acute and chronic diseases. Their work includes the development of individualized care plans and assessing and modifying patient nutrition. A Dietitian can specialize in a variety of areas including diabetes, pediatrics, gastroenterology, nutrition support, and renal disease.

Sheereen McLaughlin is a Registered Dietitian who works in private practice and provides nutrition care for both critically and acutely ill patients. Her background includes neonatal and geriatrics, as well as experience in long-term care and private practice. She is co-founder of Nutrisential Inc. and is the Chair of Professional Titles for Dietitians in the Ontario Advocacy Group.

Throughout the course, students will learn about the science of nutrition and dietetics, as well as how different foods affect human health. Students will gain the knowledge and skills to teach, conduct research, and evaluate the effectiveness of programs and policies.

Students in this program will gain a thorough understanding of the principles of nutrition and the role it plays in prevention and treatment of various diseases. Students will also learn the importance of exercise and how it complements a healthy diet. By the end of the program, they will develop a program plan for a nutrition education program.

Students in the LHSC Dietetic Practicum have the opportunity to pursue a 40-week practicum experience, which offers a comprehensive, supportive learning environment. During the practicum, students will work with experienced practitioners, and will have the opportunity to practice dietetics in the current clinical environment. These placements are ideal for students who are interested in becoming an intern and practicing in a wide range of clinical and community settings.

Dietetics and nutrition are fields that are growing in popularity. Nutrition and Dietetics graduates can find work in a variety of organizations, as well as in academic and research settings. As a graduate, you will be able to make a difference in people’s lives by helping them lead healthier, longer lives.

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