Paver Sealing Companies Near Me

Pavers, whether natural stone or brick, make a stunning addition to any home’s landscaping. However, pavers need regular maintenance to preserve their appearance and durability. One of the best ways to protect pavers is by sealing them.

Sealing pavers protects them from fading, cracking, chipping and from becoming more susceptible to staining. It also helps to prevent weeds and moss from growing between them, and it makes the pavers easier to clean. When looking for paver sealing companies near Pittsburgh PA, it’s important to find a professional company that uses the highest quality materials and has years of experience. This will help ensure that the pavers are properly cleaned and sealed, and that any problems are repaired.

A reputable paver sealing company will offer free in-person estimates. This will allow the technician to see and assess the condition of the pavers, so they can give you an accurate price quote. Be wary of companies that only provide price quotes over the phone. This can be misleading, as the actual cost may be more than you were expecting.

When selecting a paver sealing company, ask about their warranty policy. This will give you an idea of how much they stand behind their work. If the company doesn’t offer a warranty, it may not be worth hiring them.

Another thing to look for is insurance. A reputable paver sealing company will have general liability and workers’ compensation insurance in case of any accidents. This will protect you in case any damage is caused to your property or if someone gets hurt while working on your patio.

Jon Chapman owns a pressure washing business in Tampa, Florida, called Pro Pressure Wash and Seal. He started his company in 2003, and he has since expanded to include other services such as roof cleaning, power washing decks and driveways, window cleaning and gutter cleaning. He also provides add-on services such as concrete paver sealing. Paver sealing accounts for up to 60 percent of his business.

Paver sealing reduces the porosity of the pavers, which helps to keep them cleaner by preventing dirt, oil, mildew and mold from sticking to them. It also helps to reduce the risk of stains from coffee, wine and other liquids.

A good quality sealer will last up to five years, although this isn’t a guarantee. It depends on the amount of use and weather conditions in your area, as well as how often you sweep and wash the pavers. A high-quality paver sealer will also have UV protection to prevent the sun from damaging the finish.

In addition to protecting your pavers, a high-quality sealant will help enhance their color and create a rich wet look. It will also prevent weeds and moss from sprouting in the joints between them, and it will help to prevent the sand in the joints from washing away. If your pavers aren’t sealed, they will gradually lose their luster and start to look gray. The sand in the joints will also wash away, which can cause the pavers to shift and settle over time.

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