iPhone Car Cradle With Antenna

iPhone Car Cradle With Antenna

For anyone that uses a Bluetooth hands free kit in their car and would like to keep mobile phone charged up, improve cellular signal, connect external antenna or simply use a better cradle for long drives or travels, the Strike Alpha Apple iPhone SE 2 / 3 Car Mobile Phone Holder is ideal. The holder comes equipped with a FME male connector for connection to an external antenna, allowing users to boost mobile reception once used in conjunction with a good quality aerial.

The cradle has a built-in passive antenna iPhone car cradle with antenna coupler which is specifically designed to reduce GSM signal interference on your mobile phone once it’s in the cradle and connected to an external antenna. It also offers a passive induction function which helps to transfer the cellular signals back and forth between the cradle and the external antenna – this improves voice call quality, GPS tracking and directional positioning of your device.

The cradle is delivered with everything you need to install it permanently into your vehicle including a windscreen mount and 12V cigarette lighter power adaptor. It’s also ready for professional installation as it includes everything needed to hard-wire the cradle into your vehicle.

Explore how the integrated antenna elevates your communication experience, ensuring you stay connected even in remote areas.

Seamless Integration
Discover the effortless installation process, guaranteeing a hassle-free experience. Let’s explore how this cradle seamlessly integrates into your vehicle.

Elevating Your Driving Experience
Enhanced Navigation
Dive into the world of enhanced GPS capabilities, ensuring you never miss a turn.

Boosted Call Quality
Experience crystal-clear calls with the amplified signal strength, a testament to the device’s superior technology.

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