Does movers pack for you?

A fresh start at a new home is a great opportunity to start the year right. But moving is a complex process that involves more than just packing up boxes and hauling them to the truck. Professional movers take many additional steps to ensure that your belongings arrive at their new homes in the same condition they were loaded into the trucks, which is why it’s important to know exactly what movers do for you and how much those services cost.

If you’re considering hiring beaverton movers to help with your move, it’s crucial to understand that every moving company offers a different set of services. Some full-service movers offer everything from packing to unpacking, while others focus on the transportation aspect of the move only. Before choosing a mover, make sure you thoroughly research their pricing structure, customer reviews, and track record. Then, request estimates based on in-home surveys or detailed inventories of your household goods to get the most accurate picture of what you’ll pay for their services.

The best movers are specially trained to handle the logistics of a move, safeguard your belongings, and provide a smooth transition into a new home or apartment. They know how to safely maneuver heavy furniture down a flight of stairs, deal with elevator constraints at high-rise apartments, and quickly load items into a truck so they can leave at the end of the day.

Some movers also provide extras like specialty packing, valuation services, and storage options for an additional fee. This can be helpful if you have expensive artwork, antiques, or other collectibles you need to be handled carefully and securely during your move. Additionally, movers can also help with dismantling or assembling large pieces of furniture, such as beds and sofas.

Movers take precautions to protect your floors, walls, and other surfaces from damage during the move. They will wrap and pad furniture, use dollies and moving blankets to keep them secure, and cover surfaces with plastic to minimize scrapes and scuffs. When you move on your own, it’s hard to guarantee that your friends will take these measures, which can lead to costly repairs and replacements.

When movers are ready to deliver your belongings, it’s important that you be available during the delivery window they give you. If you’re not home, they’ll charge you a re-delivery fee or may have to return the items to their warehouse and try again another day.

Some movers prohibit or charge an additional fee to move certain items, including cash, medical and financial records, and prescription medication. Other movers will only move items if they’re not overly large or bulky, and you should double-check with your movers to see what their policies are on these items before making any decisions.

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