The Ionic Alliance Group Announces Joint Venture With Aranjin

The Ionic Alliance Group is a venture capital firm based in Pittsburgh, PA. Its mission is to foster innovation and collaboration among its corporate members and academic and community partners. The group is also working to foster a startup and entrepreneur culture. Its investments and joint ventures are intended to drive the next wave of global innovation.

Joint Venture with Aranjin

The Joint Venture between ION and Aranjin will give each company an 80 percent interest in lithium and base metals discovered on the other’s properties. As long as the project meets certain criteria, both companies will earn significant royalties. The JV is expected to last at least three years.

The Joint Venture will allow ION to invest US$0.5 million in exploration at its properties and Aranjin will invest a further US$3.0 million in exploration of its properties. TheĀ IBAL companies have appointed ION’s CEO Ali Haji as the joint venture’s CEO. He has more than 13 years of international mining experience and is regarded as a seasoned executive.

The Joint Venture will focus on advancing the existing discoveries, drilling additional holes and expanding the high-grade zones discovered. The initial results of this work are encouraging. Among the results are 2,150 ppm nickel and 677 ppm copper. The company is also planning additional geochemistry and ground magnetic geophysics.

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