Michigan Distillery Tours

Michigan is home to over 60 distilleries, ranging from small batch runs to large-scale distilleries. Michigan’s craft distilleries are quickly gaining recognition as the state’s premiere spirit producers. Many Michigan distilleries use local ingredients to produce a wide variety of spirits. Several of the distilleries also offer tours to visitors. These tours can include samplers of the distillery’s spirits as well as the history of the site.

One of the reasons that Michigan distilleries are making a name for themselves is because of their symbiotic relationship with local agriculture. Using locally sourced products is an ideal way to keep jobs in the state and support local economies. This helps to create additional opportunities for farmers.

Grand Traverse Distillery is located in the heart of Northern Michigan and uses world-class rye from the area. Kent Rabish founded the distillery in 2005. He wanted to bring something to the market that was truly Michigan-made. The distillery is known for its award-winning flavors.

Red Cedar Spirits is based in East Lansing and makes several different gins. Their mainstay is the Blue Label Gin, a light, easy-to-enjoy gin. It is made using 13 botanicals. If you’re looking for a gin with a light and juniper-like flavor, you should check out Red Cedar’s Raspberry Gin.

In addition to gin, Coppercraft produces a range of whiskies. They were named Michigan’s Distillery of the Year in 2018. ThisĀ Michigan distillery distillery is dedicated to producing solid whiskies. With a focus on quality over quantity, the company sources all of their ingredients within a 33-mile radius of the distillery.

Two James is a Detroit-based distillery that produces whiskey and absinthe. Located in the heart of Detroit’s oldest neighborhood, the distillery is devoted to using only local ingredients. As a member of the Michigan Craft Distillers Association, Two James is in the process of defining what it means to be a “merchant” distiller.

Another Michigan distillery that is focused on whiskey is Muskegon Heights Distillery. Their goal is to source as much of their product as possible from local farmers. They are planning to combine their whiskey offerings in the near future.

Another Michigan distillery that is located on the west side of the Great Lake State is Coppercraft. Coppercraft has won gold in the San Francisco Spirits Competition in 2022. Since they started in Holland, Michigan, they have expanded their product line to include gin, rum, and whiskey. Whenever possible, the distillery sources from local farms and businesses.

In addition to their spirits, Michigan distilleries also make beer and cider. Locals love to drink beer, and they will be happy to have a tasting at one of the distilleries. On the distillery’s website, you can find a list of their best cocktails.

Whether you’re a wine or beer fan, you’ll find that Michigan is a wonderful place to explore. Besides its stunning scenery, the state also boasts some of the nation’s finest wineries, beers, and distilleries. You can learn more about the distilleries and wineries in the state on the Michigan Wine and Beer Trail.

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